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Le plus grand cabaret du Monde – France 2
Wintergarten – Berlin
Folies-Bergère – Paris
Sporting-Club – Monaco
Mandrakes d’or – Paris
Masters of Magic – RAI -Italie
Monte-Carlo Magic Stars – Monaco
Shirley & Dino au Théâtre Montfort – Paris
Supermagic – Rome
Circo Price – Madrid
Salle Pleyel – Paris
Château de Vallery

Livre d’Or

Du grand art, une technique très sûre et la petite touche d’assurance tranquille que donnent les engagements réguliers dans les plus grands Music-Halls…
Revue de la Prestidigitation

I saw your bird act, which is truly wonderful and entirely different then anything that I’ve seen before.
You’re a real asset to our industry and your work is as stated, truly wonderful. Many thanks for sharing it with us.
I’m sure you will have a marvelous future in this wonderful industry that we both share.
With great admiration,
Johnny Thompson – “The Great Tomsoni” – Las Vegas

Arno from France, one of Europe’s premier bird workers, followed with his amazing act featuring doves, parrots, cockatoos, and macaws. His soft, charming style and tender relationship with his birds won the crowd over. Arno representes the idea that when you are dreaming, you are “flying”…
Adam Fleisher, Magic Magazine, Las-Vegas, march 2010.

Dear Arno
Unlike most other who work with birds as just working tools, inanimate objects, I was interested to see you took my style of handling the birds with respect and affection, including a parrot sitting on your shoulder, and my bit of whistling the bird to come out of the pocket (that was my favorite bit).
With my best wishes for your continued success,
Jack Kodell, Las Vegas

Arno était encore mieux qu’à la télé. Les oiseaux aiment Arno autant qu’ils les aime et ça se voit comme le bec au milieu de la figure… Un numéro plein de poésie, tendresse et émotions. Un moment de poésie rare.
Magicus Magazine